How to Grow Your Twitter Following

Every Twitter user knows a high number of followers means a high influence profile. The more followers an account has, the greater its reach will be. Having a large following, though, also makes the account appear more credible and worth paying attention to. Basically, having as many followers as possible is a good thing. If you have been on Twitter for any period of time, this probably isn’t news to you.

So, how do you actually grow your Twitter following? You believe in yourself, your business, or whatever you’re promoting in the social media space, you’re tweeting faithfully, but the followers just aren’t multiplying. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do to raise that number of followers and expand your Twitter reach.

First things first: prep your profile. Before you begin to draw more people to your page, make sure its ready to be seen by the masses. Are your profile and banner photos high quality and up to date? Does your bio reflect what you want followers to know about you or your business? Your profile photo and bio are the first things potential followers will see, so make a good first impression. And don’t forget that pinned tweet! Making your page attractive is a small step that can lead to big results.

Okay, so your page looks the best it ever has. The next focal point is your content. What are you tweeting, and how often? Curate content for your page that positions you as an authority. Keep your audience informed, and give them a reason to keep coming back. Tweeting at least 4 times per day will keep your page visible and active in the space, but the more you tweet the better. Using a scheduler like Buffer can help you stay on top of your tweeting quota. Don’t forget that retweeting is an easy way to stay in the news feed.

Now that your page is refined and your tweeting routine is perfected, you are ready for the key step to growing your following: following. That’s right. The best way to get others to follow your page is to follow them. We aren’t talking about randomly following as many Twitter users as you can, but targeted following that draws specific users to your page. You want to find Twitter accounts that have your ideal followers, and then follow who they follow. You can follow their followers as well, but the accounts they are following are probably your preferred followers. Follow as many as you can.

Following others will gain you more followers, and you can continue to follow others until you are satisfied with the results. You can let your number of followers grow, but be careful not to let how many accounts you follow get out of hand. As you follow, pay attention to who follows back. If someone does not follow back after a little while, don’t be afraid to unfollow them. The ideal is to keep the number of people you follow under the number of followers you have.

Gaining more followers is highly beneficial to you and your business. You have all the information you need, so put it to good use and watch your following grow!

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