How to find success on Instagram

Instagram is at the top of the social media food chain at the moment, and you’re likely wondering how your business can succeed on the platform. It’s not just about posting any old photo you have of your business! Creating posts that engage your audience and drive traffic to your website is obviously the goal. Here are some Instagram success tips to create posts that work.

  1. Excite your audience

Products against a white background might be the industry standard for websites and catalogs, but they aren’t going to excite your audience. Instagram allows you to get much more creative in how you feature your products, to show off how awesome they really are.

Think outside the box in your photos. You don’t necessarily need to have a professional photo shoot. All you need is a smart phone and a friend or co-worker who is comfortable in front of the camera. Show users your product in a way that tells a story! This works for service-based businesses as well. Social media is all about story-telling, so using action and putting your business in a specific context can be hugely helpful. Find some accounts for brands that are similar to yours or have the same audience, and see how you can imitate and elevate their photography style.

Posting the same types of images over and over again can get boring for your audience, so mix it up every once and a while to keep things interesting. However, if you’ve found a format that does really well on your account, stick with it!

  1. Feature user-generated photos

Nothing shows a potential customer how great your business is than offering photos of real customers using your product or service! Our second Instagram success tip is to post user-generated images to show your product in use by an everyday person who truly loves your company! People are excited to shop at businesses that customers truly care about.

To get these images, try the following strategies:

  • Ask your customers to tag you in their own Instagram posts that feature your business
  • Ask customers to use a specific hashtag when they post images with your products
  • Ask customers to email you photos they approve of you sharing
  • You can add a line about this to your bio, your website, or include a message in your email communication with customers, such as after they make a purchase

Using a free app like Regram will let you share the image while giving credit to the photographer. This is important so you don’t look like you’re stealing images, and it may also incentivize customers to share their photos with you.

Sharing user photos will greatly increase your customer loyalty, and will help you join the conversation among your customers.

  1. Show off the features

A picture of your product shows what it looks like, but why not show what it can do? If you have a service, show people enjoying it! If you have a camera company, show off the quality of your pictures. Another Instagram success tip is to show the product in-use. This will help people imagine using your product in their own lives.

Posting videos is a great way to do this. You can show people how to use your product, give them tips, and feature the benefits in motion. Like your Instagram photos, these videos don’t need to be of cinematic quality. A smartphone and a well-lit room are all you need!

The best way to find success on Instagram is to get started! Consistent posting will pay off eventually. Huge growth typically won’t happen overnight, but if you keep working at it and follow these Instagram success tips, you’ll be rewarded with likes, follows, and comments.

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