How to Take Advantage of the New Instagram Update

Instagram has released another update to make your posts better than ever! If you’ve ever struggled to select one perfect photo from an event or photo shoot, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Now, you can add up to 10 photos or videos to an Instagram post! This makes it so much easier to tell a story in your posts, and eliminates the need to make tough decisions about which photo to post.

This update echoes Facebook’s carousel link ads from last year, and provides so many more opportunities for storytelling.

Here’s how to do it. When you create a post in Instagram, you’ll now see a button on the bottom right that says “Select Multiple.” From there, select up to 10 photos or videos you want to post!

You can filter and edit each photo individually, or apply the same filter to each image or video.

To rearrange the images, hold your finger on a photo or video and slide to its correct location. You can also delete images by holding them and sliding up to the trashcan icon.

Just add your caption, add tags, and publish!

You may be feeling overwhelmed by the option to add so many photos or videos, but think of it as an opportunity! This feature is a great addition for small businesses. Now, there are endless options for compelling storytelling in the Instagram feed.

If you’re ready to try out this new feature, here are some ideas to take advantage of this Instagram update:

  • Create a slideshow of all your newest products, like a digital catalog. Or, start with one photo that shows many products, then offer individual detail shots as you slide through.
  • Use each slide to highlight different features of your product. Show different product angles or details to better inform customers.
  • Stitch many photos together like an interactive panoramic. This is great for showing off your large office or store, featuring a new high res photo, or anything else you can think of!
  • Tell the story of a recent company event or conference by posting all the best photos and videos, together! Show it from the beginning to the end to drum up interest for future events and make others wish they had been there!
  • Show the steps such as a recipe, how to use your product, or what it’s like working with your company. Walk people through a process to explain the benefits of your business.
  • Show before and after photos from customers to feature what your business can bring to the table! This is great for home repair, hair styling, landscaping, or an auto shop.
  • Instead of making a photo collage like you maybe would have in the past, give each photo equal billing!

This new feature from Instagram is very fun to play with, and allows you be that much more creative with your posts! For more tips on how to increase your Instagram engagement and bring more customers to your site, contact Mav3n Digital for a quote!

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