Using Social Media as a B2B Company

The rise of social media has created endless opportunities to build leads and find new customers around the web. This is especially true for B2B social media marketing campaigns. By focusing on the right social media channels and creating the right content, you can attract more customers than ever before.

The first step to a B2B social media marketing campaign is getting on the right platforms. You may think you need to be on every platform in order to succeed. But, especially when you are just starting out, it is better to make a concentrated effort and leverage the capabilities of just a few platforms that work best for you.

Ask yourself which social media platforms you turn to for industry news or when you’re looking for a new product. Spend some time on these channels and consider which might work best for your business.

If you can, tailor your content to each specific platform instead of pushing the same message out across all your channels. Pay attention to who people are and what they are interested in. People are on different social media channels because each channel delivers a different experience. People turn to Instagram for great images, Twitter for fun anecdotes and articles, and Facebook for all of these and more. Remember, each platform works differently for different businesses and industries. And with whichever platforms you decide to use, driving traffic to your website should be the core objective.

Twitter can be a great way to spread brand awareness and interact with your audience. Using proper hashtags, jumping on trending topics, and taking advantage of photos and videos will all help boost your engagement. Look out for mentions of your brand to answer questions or solve any problems customers may have. Make sure the content you are pushing is high quality so that people will want to come back to your page on a regular basis. If tweeting multiple times a day seems overwhelming, look into an automation tool to ensure you have regular content.

LinkedIn can also be a very effective lead generation tool. In Q1 of 2016, LinkedIn had 433 million members (and growing), 100 million of whom use the platform on a monthly basis. LinkedIn is where business professionals and B2B sales and marketing teams like to hang out.

One handy LinkedIn feature is the ability to search for prospects based on job roles and other factors, which is great if you’re looking for new employees. It is also helpful for networking through groups, which is a great way to drive engagement from prospective clients. Posting regular content that will be of value to readers will not only attract potential customers, but also potential employees.

Facebook allows for some fun interactive features, including events, sign-up forms, and very specific audience targeting. Facebook Live might be something to consider for an upcoming conference or to show off a new product. Make similar videos for YouTube to position your company as a thought leader in its field. Make sure your videos are tagged correctly, as YouTube (owned by Google) is frequently used as a search engine. These videos can also be shared across your other social media platforms and even posted on your website!

At the end of the day, the key is to use the social media platforms that work for you. Try out a couple and see how they go, and be sure to post regular, awesome content!

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