February 10, 2017


Q: What is Social Media Management and what will Mav3n Digital do for my company?

A: Mav3n Digital will manage your social media channels, giving you time to focus on running your business. Mav3n Digital posts updates, responds to comments and questions from your customers, and ensures you have an active online presence. In a nutshell, Mav3n Digital is a turnkey solution for people looking to delegate their social media presence.


Q: What do I need to start working with Mav3n Digital? Do I need a website?

A: You do not need to have a website to use Mav3n Digital’s services. The only thing that you need to start is a social media account (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Mav3n Digital will handle the rest.


Q: Do I have to give you my login information?

A: We do require login information for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. For Facebook we ask you to make us an admin of your page, which will allow us to post on behalf of your business.


Q: Will Mav3n Digital respond to comments and questions on our social media pages?

A: Mav3n Digital does respond to comments on your social media pages. When you sign up, we ask for a list of common questions and general facts about your company so that we can respond to most questions on your social media pages. If there is something that we don’t have the answer to or a post needs a more detailed response, we ask for contact information and pass the comment along for you to reach out to them personally.


Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: You may cancel your account after the initial three month agreement period. Please note we require a 30 day notice. Once an account is cancelled, Mav3n Digital will immediately stop posting to your social media sites. As each month is paid in advance, Mav3n Digital will continue to service your account from the time cancellation notice is given until the 30 day notice period has elapsed.


Q: How often do you post to my social media sites?

A: It depends on the package you choose. We offer the option to post anywhere from 6 times a week on two social media sites or up to 9 times a week on 3 social media sites.


Q: How long does setup take and what does it involve?

A: Setup can take up to two weeks from when we receive all of the required information from you. Our setup process involves an initial call to go over your company, competitors, and goals you would like to achieve in the social media space. Afterwards, we put together a social media strategy and set Key Performance Indicators (aka: KPI’s) which are used as benchmarks to measure the success of Mav3n Digital’s social media activities. KPI’s are also used as a guide when drafting content each week. Once the social media strategy is signed off by you, our Digital Engagement Specialists get to work on researching and writing content that will engage and reach your target audience.


Q: When do you start posting?

A: Mav3n Digital will start posting to your social media sites when setup is complete and we have all of the required information from you.


Q: How soon will I see social media growth?

A: The time frame and amount of growth you will see is directly related to your business and its market, but clients have seen growth within the first few weeks of using Mav3n Digital. Small businesses in a very niche market will see smaller growth numbers than a large business with a wider market. 


Q: Are there any setup fees?

A: We do not charge a setup fee, but do require each month of service to be paid upfront. 


Q: Will you set up my social media accounts?

A: We do not set up your social media accounts. Due to privacy issues on certain social media sites, we cannot set up pages for you, as they are linked to private accounts. If you do not have these accounts set up, for a nominal fee of $250 for up to two social media outlets we would be happy to walk you through the process.


Q: Does Mav3n Digital create content to post or do I have to give that to you?

A: Mav3n Digital will create all the content to post to your pages. We spend time getting to know your business so that we can create evergreen content that focuses on your desired market and target audience. We encourage you to keep us informed about upcoming events, blog content your company may have or other things happening with your business to ensure we are keeping your online audience up to date.


Q: How does Mav3n Digital create content to post?

A: Once you are signed up, your Digital Engagement Specialist will set up a call with you to go through a questionnaire which will provide us with information about your company, competitors, and goals you would like to achieve by working with Mav3n Digital. The questionnaire allows your Digital Engagement Specialist the time to get to know your business better and become familiar with your brand, voice, and niche, which in turn allows us the ability to create top notch evergreen content specifically suited for your target audience and market.